9006M R5.0M-13B

Dunbier Rollermatic

The secret to the Rollamatic’s fantastic performance lies in the rear roller cradle. Taken directly from our premium Supa Roller series it has a unique entry cradle that rotates independently of the main frame. By changing the angle of the rear roller arms as the boat contacts and then continues up into the trailer we reduce the effort required by almost 50%. It means that shallow ramps, beach launches etc are not a concern as the trailer “adjusts” to the conditions on the day, and for the boat skipper driving the trailer back on is a breeze.

As the hull enters the frame it contacts the Rollamatic centreline keel support system that takes over the bulk of the load carrying. It is this unique combination which allows Pressed Alloy* Boat owners an option of the performance of a Multi roller trailer.

Large Roller arms provide stability and support as the boat travels through the cradle of the frame and reduce the rolling resistance of the keel roller system. Simply put Launching and Retrieving is a breeze.

The Rollamatic Series boasts our revolutionary “Undercarriage” system, meaning that the entire axle, spring and guard assembly can be moved forwards or rearwards on the main frame. This allows for the precise fine tuning of your trailer to provide the perfect tow weight on the back of your car. With the perfect tow weight comes smooth, effortless towing and greater comfort and safety when you are out on the road.

The Rollamatic is one of our most popular trailers for owners looking to upgrade from a standard keel bunk system.

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