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  • Make: Yamaha

The Next Generation Boat Control System
Helm Master™ EX is a fully integrated boat control system that makes navigating and getting to your destination easier, and once you arrive, gives a whole new level of control to precisely maneuver your craft to exactly where and how you want it.
Never before has a single outboard engine been paired with a joystick control, delivering exceptional versatility and innovation. When it comes to twin, triple and quad engine applications, the new Helm Master™ EX excels even further, with seamlessly integrated multi engine control.

No longer do you have to install multiple third-party devices such as steering and control systems, autopilot navigation and additional heavy batteries -nor the hassles that come with complex integration systems. With Yamaha’s Helm Master™ EX, you get all of the benefits of these systems and more, in a simple, clean and fully integrated, plug-and-play system. And because every component has been designed, engineered and manufactured by Yamaha, it works seamlessly together to deliver the ultimate in reliability, durability and performance.

  • Level 1 Digital Electronic Control(DEC)
    Level 1 incorporates the completely new, upgraded DEC and compatible displays.
    There is also the option of the Electronic Key Switch (EKS) with keyless remote.
  • Level 2 Digital Electric Steering(DES)
    Level 2 sees the addition of Yamaha’s all-new steering control system with Built-in or Bolt-on. This system takes marine steering to the next level, with extreme smoothness, technical smarts and precision.
  • Level 3 Autopilot
    Level 3 introduces Yamaha’s all-new Autopilot. This system provides a number of built-in single touch functions that makes navigating and getting to your destination easier and quicker.
    The system includes a slimline eight-button panel which goes on the console, a heading sensor which sits under the console and an antenna above the boat.
  • Level 4 Full Maneuverability Joystick
    Level 4 is the premium level of the Helm Master™ EX system, with the addition of Yamaha’s full maneuverability joystick control system.
    This stylish and ergonomic controller provides simultaneous control over shift, throttle and steering, in one easy-to-use joystick application. It can also be used in conjunction with many of the built-in Helm Master™ EX SetPoint™ positioning modes (FishPoint™, DriftPoint™, DriftPoint™ Track and StayPoint™), for maximum control over your vessels positioning.
    Yamaha’s new autopilot provides many convenient features for boat control and operation.
    With the simple push of a button or taps on your compatible Multifunction Display, you can quickly plot out your journey, sit back and let the Helm Master™ EX Autopilot and Digital Electric Steering do their thing.
  • SetPoint™
    SetPoint™ has three primary modes - StayPoint™ FishPoint™
    and DriftPoint™- offers captains even greater control for situations such as fishing, controlled drifting and maintaining position.
  • JOYSTICK Maneuverability
    Completely new with modern styling, premium feel and ergonomics, the Yamaha Helm Master™ EX features an all-new joystick with new software. It offers smoother shifting and single-function buttons for easy operator understanding.
    The new Helm Master™ EX joystick also allows fine tuning of autopilot (both speed and direction) and positioning adjustments within SetPoint™, without leaving the individual mode.

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