New Yamaha Outboard Motors

Yamaha: The Face of Innovative Marine Engineering

Sit back and take in the boating vista in this part of the world, from the busiest marina to the local boat ramp, and the evidence is right before your eyes. Yamaha builds the worlds most popular outboards.

The popularity of Yamaha is based upon the experience of recreational and commercial boaters who have come to depend and trust their Yamaha outboard. Yamaha has earned a reputation for quality and durability that is second to none.

Yamaha brings you the world’s widest range of outboard configurations. Our class leading four strokes have smashed the misconception that a 4 stroke has to be considerably larger and heavier that a two stroke of matching horse power. We have continued to develop our two stroke technology with our adrenalin pumping VMAX HPDI range and continue to supply the traditional 2 stoke workhorses that have seen our customers through so many good times on the water in the past.

Each and every Yamaha outboard model is the result of years of intensive development and innovation. Inside these machines, the very latest in engineering and technology is at work- giving you a combination of acceleration, speed, responsiveness, smoothness and quietness so special that many experienced boaters can identify a Yamaha powered ride with their eyes closed.

Yamaha also takes pride in its industry leading parts, service network. Yamaha sets the industry benchmark when it comes to technical training programs for our marine technicians. The Yamaha Technical Academy operates an advanced training program to keep our technicians up to date with leading edge technology as soon as it comes to hand.

All this means that Yamaha owners can call upon professional advice, assistance and support wherever they may find themselves. It’s just another benefit of being part of The World of Yamaha.