New Dunbier Trailers

Dunbier Nipper Series


Our Nipper Series trailers suit a vast range of aluminium, inflatable and smaller fibreglass hulls. The Nipper Series can also accommodate sailing boats and now kayaks. The Nipper Series is a solid built small boat trailer for its size with a heavy duty adjustable undercarriage to last the distance. Options include short or long pads…

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Dunbier Sports Series


Whether you want a trailer for your tinnie or a trailer for your personal watercraft, our Sports Series has a comprehensive range of models to suit you. Don’t settle for less than the extra strength, styling and quality that this Dunbier Sports Series offers. Suited for both aluminium and fibreglass hulls.

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Dunbier Sports Centreline Series


The Australian “Tinnie” is unique around the globe and is the largest part of the boating market down under.  From small dinghies to large ocean-going fishing boats the pressed alloy boats fit the bill and have been bestsellers for many years.

Pressed Aluminium boats (Tinnies) get most of their structural rigidity from the keel line and a series of strong extruded elements like the chines and gunnels. The outer skin of alloy sheeting keeps the water out but isn’t designed to carry a great deal of weight in any one place, so to safely trailer a “Tinnie” it’s critical that the majority of the load be supported by the keel line.

Just as the boats are unique so is the trailer that is designed to perfectly match, the Sports Centreline Series.

The sleek alloy frames are shaped specifically to suit, and the double braced cross members are positioned at varying intervals to effectively disperse loads. The Twin roller system pivots as the keel angle changes and the entire trailer is fitted with specialized rollers that will take the rough and tough treatment that a keel can dish out, yet soft enough to disperse the high frequency vibrations that are transmitted through the trailer when towing.

Flanking each of the main roller assemblies is a fully adjustable nylon “Centreline” bumper that directs the keel back to the main rollers when retrieving the boat. This increases the “target zone” by 200% and ensures that driving your boat on is an option.

The most noticeable feature of the Sports Centreline is the unique curved entry frames at the rear of the trailer. Lined with hard wearing nylon buffer strips they “trap” the bow of the boat when retrieving and align the boat with the main roller assemblies. As the hull pushes forward, they begin lifting across the bow section to minimise the effort required to get the boat back onto the trailer.

Lastly is the centreline series side skids which are larger than any other model in the line-up. They are fully adjustable and when set up correctly will ensure that your boat sits level in the frame and is supported along the key load bearing areas of the hull. Manufactured from heavy duty Galvanised steel they won’t warp, twist or rot (like timber or some cheaper plastics in the market today), so you can be assured that your hull is being protected as you tow.

The Sports Centreline Series Boasts our revolutionary “Undercarriage” system, meaning that the entire axle, spring and guard assembly can be moved forwards or rearwards on the main frame. This allows for the precise fine tuning of your trailer to provide the perfect tow weight on the back of your car. With the perfect tow weight comes smooth, effortless towing and greater comfort and safety when you are out on the road.

The Sports Centreline is one of our best-selling trailer ranges, and it’s for a very good reason. Easy to use, tough and stylish… They get the job done so you can concentrate on boating.


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Dunbier Supa Rolla Series


The Supa Rolla Series is the classic self centering multi-rolla trailer. With the Supa Rolla Series, the boat can be driven on or winched on, it’s your choice. The frame is designed wider to allow deep vee boats to remain low for easy launch and stable trailering. With the clever shaped rear cross member, the first of its kind on the market today, this trailer will self centre your boat in any tide or ramp conditions.

Please note: Most models are available in different wheelbase variations, in single or tandem axles. Not all models are displayed. For more information enquire through our Contact Us area of this site

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Dunbier Rollermatic


The secret to the Rollamatic’s fantastic performance lies in the rear roller cradle. Taken directly from our premium Supa Roller series it has a unique entry cradle that rotates independently of the main frame. By changing the angle of the rear roller arms as the boat contacts and then continues up into the trailer we reduce the effort required by almost 50%. It means that shallow ramps, beach launches etc are not a concern as the trailer “adjusts” to the conditions on the day, and for the boat skipper driving the trailer back on is a breeze.

As the hull enters the frame it contacts the Rollamatic centreline keel support system that takes over the bulk of the load carrying. It is this unique combination which allows Pressed Alloy* Boat owners an option of the performance of a Multi roller trailer.

Large Roller arms provide stability and support as the boat travels through the cradle of the frame and reduce the rolling resistance of the keel roller system. Simply put Launching and Retrieving is a breeze.

The Rollamatic Series boasts our revolutionary “Undercarriage” system, meaning that the entire axle, spring and guard assembly can be moved forwards or rearwards on the main frame. This allows for the precise fine tuning of your trailer to provide the perfect tow weight on the back of your car. With the perfect tow weight comes smooth, effortless towing and greater comfort and safety when you are out on the road.

The Rollamatic is one of our most popular trailers for owners looking to upgrade from a standard keel bunk system.

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Dunbier Foldaway Trailer


Manufactured with an Ultralight “All Alloy” frame and winch post the Foldaway is an absolute innovation for Cartoppers, Caravanners or anyone short on storage space.

The unique collapsible design assembles in under 30 minutes with some very basic tools and when assembled if fully compliant with Australian standards as a road registrable trailer.

Whether you own an inflatable boat that you cannot store but need to tow to the water, or if you have a roof top/ Van Top tinnie the foldaway completely changes the options at your disposal.

Arrive at your holiday destination and within 30 minutes you can have the trailer assembled, and the boat all set up ready to fish, dive or cruise. And at the end of the day, simply unhook and you are done. No more unpacking the rods, tackle, safety gear, removing outboards and fuel tanks at the boat ramp and struggling to get the boat back onto the roof at the end of a day. Simply winch it on, strap it down and tow it back to camp and you are ready to tell your tales…

Never again will you have to leave the boat on the water or tied up at the jetty and hope its there in the morning on your return, That alone is worth owning a foldaway.

The kit is supplied with everything you require (excluding tools) and includes an LED Lightboard and VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) plate that is affixed to the frame. With a packed weight of only 45KG it is easily stored in a car boot, or a caravan storage locker for your next trip.

The Foldaway features Three heavy duty keel rollers that are completely height adjustable and two large nylon support pads that support the hull and keep it stable when towing. It also features a full size strap winch for retrieval when you are loaded down with the days catch.

The “Axle and guard” system is innovative and features full size replaceable bearings and seals, a 150mm galvanised 4 stud hub and an integrated tie down point for an over boat strap to secure your load. High quality road rated tyres and galvanised steel rims get you where you need to be.

Capable of towing a boat up to 3.9MT and 205KG it is a real workhorse and more than enough for most car-top tinnies on the market.

The foldaway trailer is designed specifically for short trips at reduced speeds on paved roads. Speeds should be maintained at 60KMH or less and trip distance should be limited to less than 25 km in any one leg. If trip distance exceeds this we recommend a full size trailer be considered. We strongly encourage you to consider this when planning your journey.

Available through our dedicated network of specialists in folding trailers they are the industry leader in simplicity, reliability and usability.


  • All Alloy Folding Frame & Winch Post.
  • Full size hubs and Bearings.
  • Premium Winch with strap.
  • Steel wheels with High Speed radial Tyres.
  • Mudguards as standard.
  • Heavy Duty Tie Down Points
  • All Bolts and lock pins provided.

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Dunbier Water Toy Series


Available in single or double versions the single comes in a skid model or easy to use roller design making a quick launch for a fun day out…

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Dunbier Trailers


Dunbier Trailers are always known as Great Value for Money.  Dunbier produce a range of boat trailers to suit all types of hulls.

Come in to Yamaha Pitmans Marine to see for yourself the extensive range available as well as trailer replacement parts and accessories.


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